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Since the founding of SymarTech s.r.o. in 1996 the company supplies and provides technical support for selected cable and wire processing technologies. Like most companies, SymarTech s.r.o. has gone through its development over more than 25 years of it’s operation. This involved a number of changes in the structure of the company but, in particular, the narrowing of the focus on a certain segment of products and services in the field of electrical engineering - specifically the cable industry. This specialization has contributed to the material and intellectual growth of our company.

From the foundation of the company to the present day, one of the main activities of our company is the exclusive representation of one of the leaders in cable industry technology manufacturers - the Swiss company SCHLEUNIGER AG. Additionally, we also supply machinery from several other smaller manufacturers in the industry, for example, the German companies KMF, GLW, the Swiss company LOEPFE, or the American company CIRRIS. The products of the named companies are offered in Slovakia and Hungary. We provide warranty and post-warranty service and spare parts supply for all offered equipment.

The milestones in our history are the years 2013/2014, when we decided to expand our business to manufacture precision parts for delivered machines. Our tool shop is equipped with modern CNC machines, precise measuring technology, CAD/CAM software and competent, young staff.

Consequently, in 2014, we began developing our own devices. Thanks to a synergic effect - our own tool shop being in the company areal, our ideas could be quite quickly realized and the first machines of our construction were successfully delivered to our customers.

In 2013, we introduced the Quality Management System according to EN ISO9001

Quality management system according to EN ISO9001

SymarTech s.r.o. has established a quality management system according to EN ISO9001 since 26.3.2013 
SymarTech s.r.o. is a holder of the certificate . QMS6930323/1


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Quality policy of SymarTech s.r.o.

The main orientation and goal of SymarTech, s.r.o. is to be a competitive subject that offers high quality products and reliability, and to create a reliable and strong background for our customers.

The main strategic goals include :

•    deliver to our customers only that kind of services that meet or exceed their expectations
•    anticipate the expectations of our customers, keep track of and evaluate their requirements and needs and guide the organization's activities in that direction
•    be the best supplier in the field of cable and conductor manufacturing technologies and services in the Central European region
•    offer our customers complex solutions to their requirements
•    keep the profit rate even with the decreasing number of customers and ensure growth in all company activities
•    cooperate only with those suppliers whom can meet the needs of their customers with the quality of their products

Company owners are commited to supporting the above strategy by:
•    specifying the strategy on an annual basis into achievable goals
•    creating the conditions to meet these goals
•    in the case of a non-fulfillment of these goals, take action to remedy
•    planning the resources needed to meet these goals
•    permanently improving the efficiency of all parts of the quality management system
•    complying with all legal and other regulations
•    constantly increasing the skills of all employees, preventing errors by thorough self-control
•    being operative to meet customer requirements and performing all activities systematically
•    acting openly and truthfully with customers and by leading employees to such an action
•    motivating employees to achieve high work performance and responsibility for their share of work on the outcome of the whole ensemble
•    strictly and accurately following the procedures set forth in the QMS documentation
Our employees are expected to:
•    rigorously and strictly adhere to the technological procedures and procedures set out in the QMS documentation
•    have a high responsibility for the quality of their own work
•    open and truthful communication to company management in case of problems
•    reduce workplace error by continually raising qualifications
•    communication and assistance between colleagues
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