SymarTech s.r.o., originally known as Kirsten Distribution (later Schleuniger s.r.o.) was established by a social contract in 02.05.1996. It was founded by two natural and one foreign legal entities.

Since its foundation, the company undergone two changes to its name and ownership structure. In 15.12.2010 the name of the company changed from Schleuniger s.r.o. to SymarTech s.r.o. The managing director and also the 100% owner of the company is Ing. Peter Martosy.

The company's headquarters and operation is located in the town of Želiezovce, in Dolné Pohronie region.

The company was originally created as a trading company. Over time, its activity has expanded to service and manufacturing. At present, besides the aforementioned activities, it is also authorized to research and develop machinery for the economic sector. The company currently has 14 employees.



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