Our state-of-the-art automatic and semi-automatic equipment is designed to cut, strip, crimp and mark wire and cable of all types, including single conductor wire, coaxial, multi-conductor, POF, fiber optic cables and flat cables of various types.

Cut, strip, terminate (21)

Fully automatic swivel arm crimping machines for highspeed wire processing. High productivity, short changeover times, user-friendly operation and a wide range ...

Cut, strip, terminate

Cut, strip (5)

Automatic cutting and stripping machines for single conductor wire, multi-conductor cable, shielded cable, coaxial cable, flat ribbon cable, glass optical fiber...

Cut, strip

Cut (5)

Automatic and semi-automatic machines for high precision cutting of wires and cables of all types including cables with tough insulations, flat ribbon cable or ...


Strip (10)

Wire and cable stripping machines for single wire, multi-conductor cable, coaxial cable, triaxial cable, Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) and flat cable applications. ...


Crimp (21)

From universal crimp applicators to pneumatic crimping machines, programmable stripping & crimping machines and crimp quality assurance equipment such as crimp ...


Crimp quality assurance (16)

Schleuniger offers several products for quality assurance and traceability of quality data. From crimp force monitoring, crimp height measuring and pullforce te...

Crimp quality assurance

Software (6)

Some machines from the manufacturer Schleuniger can be fully or partially controlled through PC software. Schleuniger offers several types of PC software, depen...


Coaxial Cable Processing (6)

Schleuniger offers a complete range of semi- and fully automatic machines for stripping coaxial, micro-coaxial, triaxial as well as semirigid cables. In these m...

Coaxial Cable Processing

Glass optical fiber processing (3)

Whether you are looking for leightweight machines to strip glass optical fiber (GOF) cables or would like to do jacket stripping, Kevlar cutting and fiber optic...

Glass optical fiber processing

Wire Twisting (2)

Stand-alone wire twisting machines to twist two or more single wires and cables.

Wire Twisting

Cable Marking (5)

Different areas require the use of cable marking the ends of cables or pre-marking. We offer several technologies from ink marking through thermo-way transmissi...

Cable Marking

Cable Testing (6)

Low and high voltage testers are designed to test a range of wire assemblies from simple cables to complex harnesses. Whether looking for a single cable tester ...

Cable Testing

IR shrinking (3)

Desktop devices for shrinking heat shrinkable tubes.

IR shrinking

Accessories (15)

Turn your automatic cutting or cut & strip machine into a fully automatic processing system with accessories for prefeeding, wire marking, inkjet printing, labe...


Assembly Lines (3)

In addition to the industry standard floor-type wire harness assembly lines, Schleuniger offers space-saving transverse-type and horizontal lifting-type solutio...

Assembly Lines

Archive (69)

In the product archive you can find basic information and technical information about machines and equipment that are no longer available, but you have had the ...

New products