Schleuniger AG

Schleuniger AG, based in Thune, Switzerland, is one of the world leaders in the production of cable and wire-processing technologies.

Over the last 40 years, several interesting patents from the cable industry have been created in the construction offices in Thune. For example, it is worth mentioning a pneumatic stripping and striking machine with PP-series pressing or small high-precision US-series stripping machines, or a unique optical fiber-stripping system FO7045. However, the most famous system is the rotary stripping technique for coaxial or shielded cables. Most of the competing products to the aforementioned are more or less copies of Schleuniger products.

Presently the production is divided into four main plants according to the product range. The administrative headquarters and the production of "standard" products are in Thune, near the Inerlaken ski resort. Sealing units and transfer lines are produced in the town of Unterägeri, striking automation machines in the German Radeformwalde and peripheral devices (decoilers, retractors) in Tianjin, China. The latest gains in the group are the acquisitions of smaller manufacturing divisions from the field of testing devices (Adaptronic, DiIT, Cirris).

The business network is made up of four own subsidiaries (USA, Germany, Japan, China) and a network of about 100 exclusive worldwide subsidiaries. One of Schleuniger AG's important partners for Central and Eastern Europe is SymarTech s.r.o.

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