PC software for wire management of programmable of semi-automatic benchtop stripping machines.

Iguana is made up of following software blocks:
In the EDITOR menu cables can be programmed, edited and printed. In the TRANSFER menu wire data can be transferred from the machine to the computer and vice versa. In the SCREENSHOT menu a screenshot from the actual screen of the machine can be created and saved as a bitmap file. In the BASICS menu all of the machine data can be backed up and restored. Machine software can be upgraded through this menu as well. The CONFIGURATION menu is used to select the measuring unit (mm or inch), the machine model and to configure the parameters of the serial interface. Iguana can be used for following  machines:
Wire Stripping machines: CoaxStrip 5300, CoaxStrip 5300 NT, CoaxStrip 5300MX, CoaxStrip 5400, CoaxStrip 5500, UniStrip 2600
Automatic Cutting machines: EcoCut 3200, EcoCut 3300, PowerCut 3700 (only the menu BASICS is available)


  • Predefined cable end programming templates for quick programming
  • Common icons enable easy programming
  • Graphical display of the cable allows visual verification
  • Data is in txt-format
  • Cable data print out including all processing parameters
  • Iguana automatically recognizes the machine model that is connected
  • Iguana PC Software with a programmed coaxial cable System requirements

System requirements / Software Download

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Serial Interface: RS 232


The Iguana Software can be downloaded from the Schleuniger website ( The required password for the unrestricted use of EDITOR and TRANSFER software blocks is provided by your distributor.

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