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The soldering workstation is designed for soldering contacts at the ends of conductors with a cross-section of up to 6 mm2. The workstation enables mechanized automatic soldering with high precision. Contact heating is realized by non-contact inductive technology with the help of automated tin feeding.

The workstation control system is based on modern PLC technology from B&R with touch control via the HMI control panel. Simple operation and reliable design ensures continuous production with high workload and minimal downtime.

Additionally, the workstation can be equipped with a powerful filtration mechanism for the extraction of gases, vapors and smoke, all of which are present during the soldering process.


Depending on the optional equipment and supplied peripherals, the workstation offers:

  1. Hold the stripped end of the cable in a horizontal position
  2. Checking the attached components by a camera system - checking the correctness of the contact, its correct orientation, checking the correctness of the conductor according to the color of the insulation
  3. Precise pneumatic dosing of flux to contact by the operator
  4. Soldering of cable and contact according to precisely defined conditions
    • Tin dosing is controlled by a microprocessor with measurement of the actual tin length in mm
    • The contact and cable are heated by a programmable digital inductive system
    • Checking the achieved heating parameters with a non-contact pyrometric sensor

The production cycle is started by the button after inserting the cable and contact into the gripping jaws. To protect the operator, the automatic soldering process can be interrupted at any time by pressing the safety button or emergency stop switch within reach of the operator. The soldering process does not start if the operator has his hands in the work area, which is monitored by an optical gate.

The soldering workstation enables the processing of cables and raw materials entering the process in the following ranges:

Cable cross-section        The station is standardly equipped for processing up to a cross-section of 6qmm

Cable length                     Min. 300mm
                                           Max. unlimited

Tinning                              Tin diameter d= 1mm
                                           Optionally, other diameters in the range of 0,5mm to 1,75mm

Product quality is ensured by multi-stage control of production parameters.

Surface temperature

  • the surface temperature during the soldering process is continuously monitored and evaluated
  • any temperature deviation on the tin surface is evaluated as an "error"
  • temperature control is performed by a calibrated non-contact pyrometer
  • the calibration protocol is part of the delivery of the machinery
  • the manufacturer recommends calibration every 12 months
  • incorrect terminal will be signaled on the control panel

Tin wire feeding

  • the tin wire feed is continuously controlled by an independent encoder
  • the feeding is monitored in the time range in which it must be possible to apply tin to the terminal
  • if the time interval is exceeded, the terminal is considered faulty
  • incorrect terminal will be signaled on the control panel

Total process time

  • the total time of the soldering process is monitored to ensure error-free process
  • after exceeding the total process time, the product is evaluated as defective
  • exceeding the total time mainly causes damage to the insulation, which is unacceptable

Monitoring the presence of semi-finished products

  • if the product has been inserted incorrectly, the soldering process will not start
  • if the product has not been inserted, the soldering process will not start
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