Electric wire stripper for wire sizes from 0.08 – 6 mm² (28 – 10 AWG).


The CS 60 electric wire stripper is easy and intuitive to operate. The entered values are clearly visualised on the display. The cross-section and stripping length can be adjusted in seconds, making the CS 60 ideal for small series applications. The short insertion length and visible wor-king area enable fast and fatigue-free working. The clamping force is automatically adapted to the cable cross-section. This avoids pressure points on sensitive areas of the insulation.

  • Stripping of cables and strands
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Quickly adjustment of length and cross section
  • Fast cycle time
  • Full and partial extraction
  • Automatic clamping force adjustment
  • Compact and mobile, with carrying handle
  • V-blade for all common cable types


  • Shaped, radius and parallel for special cables
  • Diamond-coated clamping jaws for very hard insulation materials

Technical Specification


0.08 – 6 mm² (28 – 10 AWG)

Max. cable diameter:

6 mm

Stripping length:

2 - 20 mm
Partial stripping length:2 - 20 mm
Feed-in + stripping length:15 mm + X
Cycle time (full strip):0.3 sec
Stripping blade:V shape
Power supply:230 VAC (120 VAC)
Dimensions (LX x W x H):363 x 141 x 221 mm
Weight:9.5 kg / 21 lbs
Part no.:006161 (120 V - 006162)
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