UniStrip 2600

UniStrip 2600
Programmable stripping machine for wires & cables up to 9 mm (0.35'') O.D. and strip lengths up to 80 mm (3.15'').


  • Complete cable library with default settings in AWG and mm2 sizes
  • Wide cutting and stripping range
  • Many unique processing functions for special applications
  • Various blade possibilities
  • Blade changes without tools
  • Fast and quiet operation
  • Automatic trigger sensor
  • High quality mechanics and microprocessor control guarantee precision and repeatability
  • Quick program changes without mechanical adjustments
  • Menu driven programming
  • User-friendly graphical display minimizes operator errors
  • Wire list capability
  • Easy to use

Programmable Processing Parameters

  • Cutting diameter / Cutting speed
  • Stripping length / Pull off length / Pull off speed
  • Blade type
  • Blade incision pause / Blade way back
  • Multiple step / Multiple strip / Processing order
  • Trimming function (for precise strip length)
  • Discard function
  • Cable clamping force
  • Air ejection time (optional)

Stripping Possibilities



Full pull-off us2600-01

Full pull-off and recut


Partial pull-off


Partial pull-off and recut


Multiple strips


Power cords with different strip lengths


Sensor cables with short break-out lengths


Flat cables (Jacket)


Flat cables (Jacket and conductors)


Double-insulated cables


Technical Specifications

Attribute Value
Wire Size Range AWG 32 – 6 / 0.03 mm2 – 16 mm2

Max. Cable Diameter

9 mm (0.35”)

Max. Width for Flat Cable

11 mm (0.43”)

Diameter Increments

0.01 mm (0.001”)

Max. Stripping Length

80 mm (3.15”)

Max. Pull off Length

40 mm (1.58”)

Length Increments

0.1 mm (0.01”)

Cycle Time

~ 0.6 s (20 mm stripping length)

Activation of Cycle

Cable sensor or optional footpedal

Available Stripping

Blades V-blades, radius blades, die blades, custom blades

Cable Clamping

Motorized, programmable clamping force

Program memory

1000 cables / 100 wire lists


RS 232; footpedal, robotic interface (option)


Iguana TM Wire Processing Software, Smart Strip TM Technology

Noise Level

59 dB (A)

Power Supply

100/115 VAC: fuse 2.0A/T, 230/240 VAC: fuse 1.0A/T, 50-60Hz, 100 VA

Dimensions (L x W x H)

500 x 140 x 235 mm (19.7 x 5.5 x 9.3”)


12 kg (26.7 lbs.)


The UniStrip 2600 fully complies with all CE and EMV equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electromagnetic safety and compatibility.

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