A new generation of easy cable testing


The Cirris 4200 cable tester combines the powerful Cirris OS software with the intuitive Cirris adapter system to create a capable tester that can accurately analyze your cables for opens, shorts, miswires, and other errors.

More info: https://www.cirris.com/products/testers/item/199-4200#specs

Product Features

  • Quality Without Being Overpriced: Affordable for small shops and scalable for larger operations.
  • All essential testing: Test for opens, shorts, miswires, and intermittent errors. Also test components such as resistors, diodes, and capacitors.
  • Security: Ensure test programs and system setting are the same between facilities and operators by locking selected tester functions to prevent system and test program changes.
  • Fast Testing: Innovative technology and efficient algorithms reduce time spent on testing.
  • Compact: Small, lightweight, and self-contained for easy movement around production floor.
  • Expandable for Large Assemblies: Expansion boxes create up to 1024 test points (128 points per box).
  • Easy to Learn: No advanced skills or training necessary to begin testing.
  • Built-in Networking: Easily share test programs and printers among multiple units.
  • Test Program Customization: Customize labels, reports, digital IO, etc. in individual test programs or globally.
  • Multiple Language Options: Avoid mistakes caused by language barriers.
  • Quick Test Setup: The Cirris Adapter System provides inexpensive, interchangeable fixturing.
  • Transition from 1100: Use test programs and reports already setup in the 1100R+ on the 4200.
  • Durable: Test thousands of cables without fear of equipment failure.
  • Optional PC Control: Connect to a PC and expand capability with Cirris Easy-Wire™ software.
  • Full-color touch screen: View instructions and test results on 7” display.
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