A new generation of easy high voltage testing


You want a cable tester that can meet industry standards and regulations, but still be easy to use and test cables accurately. The 4250’s intuitive software interface and flexible hardware system make testing cables quick and easy.

Like all Cirris testers, the 4250 can reliably test cables for wiring errors. New features have been added to improve the testing experience. With a full color capacitive touch screen and new Cirris OS software, the 4250 is one of the most capable cable testers on the market.

More info: https://www.cirris.com/products/testers/item/198-4250#specs

Product Features

  • Quality Without Being Overpriced: Affordable for small shops and scalable for larger operations.
  • High Voltage: Test with voltages of up to 2000 VDC or 1000 VAC (1500 VDC standard).
  • All essential testing: Test for opens, shorts, miswires, and intermittent errors. Also test components such as resistors, diodes, and capacitors.
  • Security: Ensure test programs and system setting are the same between facilities and operators by locking selected tester functions to prevent system and test program changes.
  • Fast Testing: Innovative technology and efficient algorithms reduce time spent on testing.
  • Single-Ended Testing: Performs a simple test to verify a cable connected only on one end.
  • Compact: Small, lightweight, and self-contained for easy movement around production floor.
  • Expandable for Large Assemblies: Expansion boxes create up to 1024 test points (128 points per box).
  • Easy to Learn: No advanced skills or training necessary to begin testing.
  • Built-in Networking: Easily share test programs and printers among multiple units.
  • Test Program Customization: Customize labels, reports, digital IO, etc. in individual test programs or globally.
  • Multiple Language Options: Avoid mistakes caused by language barriers.
  • Quick Test Setup: The Cirris Adapter System provides inexpensive, interchangeable fixturing.
  • Transition from 1100: Use test programs and reports already setup in the 1100H+ on the 4250.
  • Durable: Test thousands of cables without fear of equipment failure.
  • Optional PC Control: Connect to a PC and expand capability with Cirris Easy-Wire™ software.
  • Full-color touch screen: View instructions and test results on 7” display.
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